Monday, 27 April 2015

Kid-na the Echidna

Miss2 had a lesson in Australian animals for lunch today. Her first response when I asked her what was on her plate was "Hmm... Rat? Carrot now?" Once I told her it was an echidna, she ran around saying "Kid-na picnic!" on repeat. 

Kid-na picnic:

Ham body, cheese feet, sausage nose, strawberry eye, carrot stick spikes. 

See you next week!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Slithering Snails!

I asked Miss2 what should would like for lunch today... "Hmm... Owls. And sandwich. And ham. And carrot. And lettuce..." You get the picture. When offered a wrap, she threw out the idea of a sandwich. And when offered a snail, well, same response really!

Grass: lettuce
Flowers: cheese and carrot
Snail: wrap and grape tomato shell, ham slug/body (cephalopodium), cheese antennae and strawberry eyes

Monday, 13 April 2015

Rocket Ship - Blast Off!!!

This week we have travelled a long long way into outer space...

Rocket ship: Carrot stick flames, Bread fin, Cheese body, Blueberry buttons, Mushroom ladder,  Grape Tomato locking wheels, Strawberry fins, Ham window frame, Blueberry astronaut helmet, Bread aerodynamic pointy/cone section (ham for texture and definition), Ham aerial.
Twinkle stars: Carrot slices.

I think it was enjoyed... Now there is only mushroom and some carrot twinkle stars left... 

See you next week!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hoot hoot!

A few days late this week... We had a well enjoyed few days with my family at Wagga. I took some munchtooprettytoeat prep gear, but I didn't use it. Sorry! Back home now, and right back into the swing of things... Keeping things simple and simply yummy for Miss2:

Owl: Cheese body and wings, carrot feet and beak, and tomato eyes.

See you next week!