Wednesday, 24 June 2015

In the (ham) Belly of a Whale

Miss2's face lit up earlier today when I asked if she would like a pretty plate for lunch. Good thing I had been brainstorming over the last few days, because I get less of an opportunity to play around with the design now that she thinks "pretty plate" means drag over her little blue chair and climb up to watch mummy. At the point of the body and the water spout being in position, she yelled with great excitement (which is pretty big, considering she isn't really a yeller) that it was a helicopter!! Sorry squirt, its a whale.

Body: ham
Eye: cherry tomato
Water spout: cheese
Waves: carrot strips
Fish: bread (cut out with cookie cutters from Daiso)
Seaweed: celery
 There is only one stem of seaweed because Miss2 declared as I was cutting it "I don't eat sserewee (celery)". Nor does Mr10months either, not through lack of trying on Miss2's part.

See you next time!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Stop and smell the... flowers?

Miss2 was wanting to "help" me today... And then she "shared" her pretty plate with her brother (Mr-near10months) (read: gave him the celery that she had already chewed).

Flowers: red and yellow grape tomatoes (sliced), strawberry (sliced), carrot (sliced)
Stems: celery
Flower pot: bread with cheese stripes
Grass: lettuce
(very large) Worms: ham
See you next time!!