Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Up In The Air We Fly...

This week's pretty-plate did require an explanation to Miss2 as to what it was... She did get balloon, which was pretty impressive! And as she is sitting next to me as I blog, I am hearing "is that my hot-air-b'loon, Mum?" Cute!

Basket: bread
Ballon: ham
Ropes: carrot
Heat source: tomato
Clouds: cheese
Person: meatball and tomato sauce
Sorry for the few weeks off - my pretty-plate day has been Monday, and there has been an out of town funeral to attend and the lurgy going through our house... Hopefully back to normal frequency again!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Scarecrow Princess

A bit of a "oh dear... what is edible in the fridge" moment for pretty plate time this week (which was yesterday)... And the answer of not a whole lot meant that my plan for a scarecrow is what Miss2 identified as being a princess... Not really what I call a princess, but we can run with that... ish...

Cheese face and hair, ham steak torso, wrap skirt, cheese legs and arms, strawberry shoes, facial features and hair pretty.